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Wk 4 Pt 2

My business is a small, one chair hair studio. I work by appointment only and I am in the medium to high range for pricing. 
My ideal client is female age 18+. I believe that you are never too old for good hair and I do take clients younger than 18 but they are always the daughters of existing clients. I am not taking new male clients at this time.
My target client is someone who makes getting their hair done a priority, cares about having healthy hair, is environmentally conscience and believes in the importance of high end hair care. 
All of the products that I use and retail are packaged in recyclable or compostable packaging. The color I use is ammonia free so it is healthier to breath and causes no damage to the hair and scalp. These are things that have always been important to me as a stylist and as a consumer. 

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